Give Your Podcast A ‘Blogworthy’ Makeover


Transform your podcast episodes into shareworthy blog posts, social posts, infographics or summary videos to engage a wider audience and boost their shareability!

That’s not all… You can even have them converted into a ‘lead-magnet’ e-book and grow your email list!

Why Repurpose Your Podcast Episodes?

Do More With Your Podcast Episodes

Why restrict your awesome podcast to just the audio format? Convert episodes into effective blog posts for greater shareability!

Grab More Eyeballs

With improved shareability, comes the opportunity to win over large audiences, including newer ones you may have been vying for!

Boost Brand Recall

Share your podcast episode-turned-blog post on social media platforms and watch your brand recall soar!

Build Your Email List

Offer a nifty little e-book of similarly-themed podcast episodes as a PDF download and watch your mailing list grow manifold!

How Does It Work?

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Get Blog Posts In 3-4 Business Days


Addon #1: eBook



  • 1 eBook of 3,000-4,000 words, highlighting the key takeaways from 3-4 of your podcast episodes.
  • Delivered in 7-8 business days.
  • Check Samples ➜

Addon #2: Summary Video



  • 1 Quick Summary to share your podcast episode on social platforms.
  • Delivered with the blog post.
  • Check Samples ➜

Drop us a note on team[at]scribezest[dot]com to know more about the same.

Addon #3: Social Videos



  • We turn your podcast audio into 5 snappy videos you can share on social channels.
  • Delivered with the blog post.

Addon #4: Infographics



  • 1 Infographic summarising your podcast episode.
  • Delivered with the blog post.


How many words can I expect the blog post to be?

You can expect a blog post of up to 1000 words for a typical 45 minute podcast episode.

Why 'podcast episodes', and not podcasts?

It is true that ‘podcasts’ and ‘podcast episodes’ are used interchangeably. However, when we talk about converting podcasts into blog posts, we mean one 45-minute podcast ‘episode’ repurposed into a 1000 word blog post!

Can I convert a single podcast episode to an eBook?

Sure you can! However, we’d recommend clubbing 3-4 podcast episodes on a common theme into an e-book. This helps deliver real value to the user and can be an awesome pitch to grow your mailing list!

What exactly is a summary video? And how long will it be?

A summary video is a quick, snackable video, which you can share over various social platforms to spread the word about your podcast and increase engagement. It showcases the highlights of your podcast and is typically between 30 secs to a minute long. You can check some samples here.

How does a subscription work?

It’s pretty simple, really. You sign up for a monthly plan, which gets renewed automatically, unless you wish to pause it or cancel it.

Can I cancel the subscription anytime?

Yes, you can. Once you cancel your monthly subscription, you will not be billed thenceforth.

What is the refund policy like?

You can refer our complete refund policy here to know more!

Can I get my podcast audio converted into a social video?

We plan to launch this service soon. In the meantime, do join our waitlist here!

Can I get my podcast audio converted into an infographic?

We plan to launch this service soon. In the meantime, do join our waitlist here!

Why You Should Always Repurpose Your Podcast Episodes?


  • Blog posts are a hit with Search Engines!  They make it easier for them to crawl and index your podcasts helping you rank organically on Google.
  • You get to court a bigger and more diverse audience. 
  • Deliver more value to your advertisers. Add banners, images, references, link-backs in the blog post.
  • Convert the podcast episodes-turned-blog posts into social posts, infographics, or summary videos and build brand recall with the help of social media networks!
  • People might miss out on important insights whilst listening to a podcast. With a blog post, you can add value to their overall experience!
  • Make your older podcast episodes relevant by referring and linking them in your blog posts.



Who Are We?


Scribezest is proudly run by Tapzest Web, a Digital Media & Marketing Lab based out of Mumbai, India. We have been transcribing podcasts and video interviews for a lot of our brands @ Springzo, our Content Marketing Agency.

Scribezest was born when we decided to take our love for podcasts a step further. We observed that while transcripts have existed since forever, they hardly have the same impact as podcast episodes converted into shareworthy blog posts!

And, blog posts do have great value by as they make the podcasts and interviews accessible to a larger and more diverse audience. Not to mention the search engine rankings (and our reputation) they helps boost! Well, It’s a win-win smile