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Why Us?

Flat (& Fair) Fee

No more stressing out over the length of your podcast and how much it will cost to transcribe. Just subscribe to a plan and you’re all set!

By Humans, For Humans

The podcasts are transcribed word-for-word by real humans, with the right punctuations!

Quick Turnaround

Submit your podcast and get them transcribed within 36 hours – all thoroughly vetted!

Faithfully Transcribed

Get well-formatted podcasts, with reader-friendly content blocks, speakers correctly identified minus the filler words and false starts.

How Does It Work?

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Why You Should Always Transcribe Your Podcasts?


  • Search Engines love podcast transcripts! Transcripts make it easier for them to crawl and index your podcasts helping you rank organically on Google.
  • You get to appear before a bigger and more diverse audience. Your podcasts can be made accessible to the hearing impaired, as well as those who don’t speak your language (they can simply translate the text)!
  • Deliver more value to your advertisers. Add banners, images, references, link-backs in the transcript.
  • Convert snippets from the transcripts to social posts to promote your podcast.
  • People have tend to skim podcast’s shownotes or the transcripts and decide whether to listen to the episode or not. Also, when they are at work, they may not be open to listening to the podcast but can still consume your content through transcripts.
  • Make your older podcast episodes relevant by referring and linking them in your transcripts.



Who Are We?


Scribezest is proudly run by Tapzest Web, a Digital Media & Marketing Lab based out of Mumbai, India. We have been transcribing podcasts and video interviews for a lot of our brands @ Springzo, our Content Marketing Agency.

Scribezest was born when we decided to take our love for podcasts a step further. We observed that while transcripts have existed since forever, it’s still difficult to find one that’s absolutely accurate!

And, transcription does have great value by making the podcasts and interviews accessible to a larger and more diverse audience. Not to mention the search engine rankings (and our reputation) it helps boost! Well, It’s a win-win smile